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fashion and model resources and scans.

vogueisms is a fashion resource community where you can post fashion editorials and fashion advertising campaigns. Please join in order to post and participate (:

• When you post, please make sure your posts (pre-cut) are set out as follows.

If you are posting an advertising campaign or runway collection, replace "Magazine" with "Designer", "Title" with "Season" and delete "Issue".

• Post a warning if your post contains nudity.

• Don't promote on this community, including 'x-posted to ...' and 'more here at my journal'.

• Make sure your images are more than 500 x 700, and not of an awful quality.

• Don't post questions like 'Who is that model? Where is that editorial?', although you can post these type of questions as comments!

• You can post runway collections if they are amazing, however they must be upwards of 320x480, and they are more likely to be rejected than normal posts.

• You can post model-specific posts, but there must be a variety of images and scans, all of a high quality.

• Most likely your post will be accepted, unless it is completely unsuitable.

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